2-1-10: The Diesel Weasel was spotted on top of the Appleseed BioDiesel Processor. He was eating glycerine. He liked it.

2-19-10: The Diesel Weasel was spotted eating the hair of one of the Greengineers (it was Paul, for those of you wondering). The Diesel Weasel said Paul's hair was "slightly presumptuous, but immanently palatable."

3-12-10: The Diesel Weasel was spotted chewing on an electrical cord. When the Greengineers arrived to "shoo!" away the foul beast, it vanished. However, it left a note behind saying "I was just chewing on this. I honestly do not care much for safe practices in the laboratory. With much hissing and affection - T.D.W." We were all confused.

4-1-10: Because today was April Fool's Day, The Diesel Weasel told a joke about the man who mixed up his hot water heater and Appleseed processor. The joke was predictable and not funny.

4-29-10: Today we spotted the Diesel Weasel's offspring inside some braided tube while pumping grease. It turned out to be a leaf. False alarm.

5.5.10: The Diesel Weasel clogged the water lines.

5.10.10: Fear. We are afraid.

5-25-10: The Diesel Weasel was spotted crawling on the ceiling.

9-7-10: The Diesel Weasel was sighted behind the Appleseed processor in the lab. He cackled in response to our shock at seeing him in the new building.

9-17-10: The Diesel Weasel made a rustling noise and vanished in the depths of the fire cabinet. When we opened it to corner the filthy creature, he was gone.

10-7-10: Some greengineers filtered grease. The weasel rolled in the scum dripped on the floor and stole some of the soiled cardboard away to his lair...

10-22-10: The Diesel Weasel disassembled Sam. B-block distraught.

11-19-10: The Diesel Weasel threw plastic everywhere! The greengineers spent the entire block re-organizing.

1.5.11: The Greengineers discussed how a certain type of plastic bag was biodegradable. The Weasle overheard and was seen smuggling a sample out, claiming if it was biodegradable, it was good to eat as well. A titration solution salsa was stolen and used as a marinade.